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Find and book your holiday lettings in Nice

We really believe every stage of your trip should be a ZEN experience so we have designed this page to make it as easy as possible to book holiday lettings in Nice.

Use our booking tool to help find the apartment that will best suit your needs. We have cosy studios perfect for couples escaping for a weekend away, large family homes with private terraces and everything in between! 

If you already have set dates for your stay in Nice you can simply enter these above to see what we have available while you are here. Nice really is an all-year-round travel destination, the weather is nearly always wonderful and there is always something happening in the city! 

If you have been to Nice before or know where you would like to stay then you can then search for apartments within each neighbourhood of the city (for more information on each area of Nice, have a look through our handy local guides). Don’t forget you can see exactly where each apartment is by clicking on the top right of the page and switching to map view.

Lastly, you can search for apartments with particular amenities. All our apartments are fully furnished with fully-fitted and fully-equipped kitchens but if there is something not listed that you just can’t do without then please get in touch and ask us about it! 

We have a large collection of photos for each of our apartments to give you a real idea of their quality and character. The recent reviews will also let you know what previous guests thought about them once they had seen them in real-life. 

We really hope you like what you see and can find an apartment that will suit your requirements. Click through to view our properties in detail and join the thousands of people who have booked holiday lettings in Nice through us, we look forward to meeting you!